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Swurvradio.com And Tagur Footwear Partner To Offer Fans Stand Out Design Contest

Swurvradio.com, one the world's most popular internet radio stations has partnered with world famous Tagur Footwear to present Swurvradio fans, an opportunity to design an exclusive sneaker, which will be mass produced and sold around the globe. @swurvradio and @Tagur are both trending international topics on the powerful social network Twitter, as well as many of the more popular social sites. Tagur has made an international impact as a custom designed sneaker producer, with a unique twist on bringing exclusively branded footwear to the world market. Swurvradio.com has led the internet radio market for more than six years and its brand is recognized in more than one hundred fifty-five countries worldwide. Swurvradio.com was nominated in 2011 for an SEA Award, alongside Sirius Radio, in the "Top Internet/Satellite Radio Station" category.
Second home to many of the radio industry's major market DJ's, http://www.Swurvradio.com, looks to continue its leadership role in the internet market and welcome's it newest product partner Tagur Footwear, as an addition to its role as a taste maker and fan advocate.

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