0klman (0klman) wrote in houseofsound,

ConcertCrowd Facebook App Turns Concert Discovery Social

Integrating with the user's social graph, Facebook App ConcertCrowd (http://www.concertcrowd.com) provides a new way to track artists and discover bands. By analyzing the user's Facebook info, ConcertCrowd provides personalized concert listings based on their location and music preferences. In addition, the app overlays the user's Facebook network within the event listings - showing which of their friends like each artist. This not only makes it easier to identify which friends have the same music tastes, but exposes other artists the user's friends have liked, creating a whole new way to discover bands. ConcertCrowd also connects directly with each Artist's Facebook page, letting the user listen to the artist's music, watch their videos and learn more about them.
"I got tired of finding out that my favorite bands were playing in town only after it was too late. After talking with my friends I realized I wasn't alone and wanted to create a tool that anyone could use to track their favorite artists," says ConcertCrowd creator, Arman Javaherian. "Once we started developing the app, we realized we could also integrate the concert listings with the user's social network, creating a new way to discover bands and music."

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