0klman (0klman) wrote in houseofsound,

Jesse Manley "Devil's Red"

Folk/Americana singer/songwriter Jesse Manley's "Find Your Way Home" is a mid-tempo, melancholy but amazingly beautiful easy listening piece. "Find Your Way Home" is one of the songs from Manley’s debut album "Devil's Red," which is slated for release on April 26, 2011. The piano and guitar primarily carry the song, well backed by an accordion, violin and guitarron. The song explores the difficulties of relationships, and its main theme focuses on forgiveness, sympathy, and the complexity and beauty of human interaction. Haunting and emotional, with a quality that transports the listener to a place of both sadness and hope, Manley does a fine job of capturing the heartstrings and keeping them from beginning to end. This is a very strong and well written track both musically and lyrically, and will touch the heart of anyone who has ever been in a troubled relationship, hoping for the best but not knowing what is to come.

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