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Vancouver Construction And Music Communities Unites To Build A School On The Other Side Of The World

Project Tujifunze (Too-gee-fun-zay, Swahili for Learning), is a joint Canadian-Tanzanian project dedicated to helping the youngest and most vulnerable children in Mwanza, Tanzania, to have access to basic, quality education.
By building a nursery school in an area called Fumagila on the outskirts of Mwanza city, the project offers an innovative, sustainable and replicable model of facility and education methodology that conforms to the country's Millennium Development Goals.
The post and beam construction will uniquely incorporate material from the old 'sails' of the Canada Place roof in Vancouver, donated by our most recent partner, Canada Place. Many thanks to Architecture for Humanity for their assistance. Other critical material donations were coordinated by Intermind Design as well as project advising. Certainly, the project could never have succeeded without the extraordinary generosity of Dick's Lumber and their help with the wood and construction materials that will become this African school, together with a remarkable donation by Oasis Windows who have generously provided the windows for the school.
The school has been designed to incorporate solar energy and methane capture technologies, passive airflow cooling, rain water harvesting, and use and re-use of various local Tanzanian materials.
For more information www.projecttujifunze.com

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