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Country Beauty Breanna Lynn Releases Music Video For "He's Here To Stay"

15 year old Breanna Lynn is quickly heating up the country pop music scene with her incredible natural talent and beauty, and is now releasing the music video for her critically acclaimed new single, ”He’s Here To Stay.”
"He's Here to Stay" is an optimistic original song, written by Breanna, who is a multi-talented prodigious talent that writes her own music and plays her guitar using a finger-picking technique. With tunes like this catchy new single, Breanna is passing along a positive attitude to her growing number of fans, and stays true to her roots and her down-to-earth personality. This music video is a great compliment to the song, as it is fun, sweet and portrays the true beauty of this young talent.
Although she is young, this darling country gem is already grabbing the attention of critics and industry reps everywhere, with big names knocking on her door, begging to work with her. With the release of this greatly anticipated video for “He’s Here To Stay,” there is no question that Breanna Lynn is here to stay in the country pop music scene!
For more information on Breanna Lynn, check out:

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